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Keeping your birds home !

If you have the great idea of buying some pheasants or partridges to have roaming around your property, they have to think of your piece of turf as home territory (which is one of the reasons it is best to have your birds by 10 weeks old)

You will need to built a cage to keep the young birds in for the first 6 weeks (at least) after you get them home - 10m x 5m would be good for 25 or so birds. After that time you can open the door (don't chase them out, they'll go in their own good time) but keep food available just outside throughout the winter. By Spring the birds will be at a breeding age and will have identified your place as home. You may not see the hens about ... they'll be hidden away for the most part, brooding their eggs ... but the boys will be around strutting their stuff !