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Odds and Sods

We are also producing young pullets, specifically Black Stars (pictured here) - these birds are similar to the Shavers in that their egg production is above that of the traditional breeds, but while the Shavers have run out of puff after the first couple of years, these types will keep on producing beyond that short range

We sell these birds by 10 weeks old - which means you can raise them on to laying (about 22 to 25 weeks) at a lower cost than if you buy point-of-lay birds

These birds are only hatched to order

There are also occasionally ducks - Khaki Campbell and geese (Sebastopol), that we sometimes have spare birds for sale - give us a shout, you might be in luck 

For those around the country where live bird collection is not an option, we have eggs for sale as available 

Theres also Wiltshire sheep - the ultimate easy-care sheep - self shedding means no shearing, no dags, no fly-strike, good feet and high resistance to worms
Lambs are small at birth (trouble free lambing) and hit the ground running - fast growing - wonderful on the table

Ours come into the yards as littlies for vaccination, tagging and docking - the next time after that is when they are sold or are making the trip to the freezer - forget about worming, crutching, dagging and all the other labour-intensive tricks sheep make you get up too